Wild Fruits


Electroacoustic compositions combining processed field recordings with texts by Henry David Thoreau–Wild Fruit, and Annie Dillard–Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. The original works are 8-channel; various other versions of them exist, but the sound spatialization is a core element of the music.

Wild Fruits: Prologue

Wild Fruits 2: Like a ragged flock, like pulverized jade [~spin~ DVD]

Wild Fruits 3: Chestnuts    online MP3 version

Wild Fruits 4: Winter

Wild Fruits 5: Epilogue


Related works (using soundscape elements):

Northern India Soundscape     online MP3 version

On Frogs (live interactive version)     online MP3 version

Raindown (Megmix)     online MP3 version

Spangled     online MP3 version